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Statech BH is a growing, full-service design company, established 2013, with an emphasis on Mechanical design and BIM consultancy. Our teams are passioned engineers, driven by the enthusiasm for challenges in constant battle for moving the limits beyond and far.

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BIM Services

BIM is an acronym for Building Information Modeling, it is a technology that assists architects and engineers in the design process.

Statech BH

We have the expertise to convert CAD Models into BIM Models which help in faster and smoother construction.

For leading architects, engineers, surveyors and contractors, we provide 3D Scan to BIM modeling services.

BIM objects are a family of intelligent virtual 3D objects which provide detailed product or component information.

BIM Architecture

Architectural BIM Services

Our BIM team offers a variety of BIM Architectural Modeling Services to help its clients better visualize the project before it begins the construction stage. We offer you a complete solution for all your requirements for architectural BIM Modelling. Our team is well aware of the many benefits a BIM-based design process provides, and they prefer BIM over other platforms. As a result, we can guarantee our clients the most effective way they can get a perfect result.
Our team offers customised Architectural BIM Modeling Services according to our clients’ requirements by interacting directly with their team to assist them in updating the model for specific needs. In short, our clients are getting architectural design services of high quality at very fair prices. With many high-rise buildings, hospital projects, hotels & conference centers, schools, colleges and university buildings, large industrial projects and many more, we have successfully implemented BIM projects.

MEP BIM Services

Our team is specialized in providing virtual design and build solutions for the design, study and testing of MEP Systems. Our MEP BIM Services are generated from a variety of sources including contract documents, design documents, specification sheets, MEP drawings and submissions of equipment.

We design 3D MEP models in accordance with building construction and safety requirements and international codes. Our MEP services aim to allow construction companies and MEP contractors to design and build MEP Systems with strategic planning to meet the sustainability requirements of a project.

BIM model Statech BH

BIM Clash detection and Collision

In the BIM world, clash detection is the term used during design and pre-construction to automate collision finding prior to construction problems in the field. This practice fits into a constructability framework used to recognize concerns that, left unchecked, may lead to problems, cost overruns and loss of productivity in the actual process of construction.

Our team of professionals validates the design and performs the constructability analyses and send them and our clients in any improvements to the design. This would help to minimize design mistakes, construction issues at the end of the moment and redundancies that may lead to further delays in budgeting and building.

Structural BIM Services

For both Concrete & Steel Structures, our team offers full BIM Design and Construction documentation services. We have good experience in providing Structural Drafting & Detailing.

Our team met the High Rise & Low Residential Buildings, Institutional Buildings, Industrial Buildings and Commercial Buildings project specifications. Using Revit, Tekla and AutoCAD we provide structural services for manufacturing, commercial & residential projects.

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