Statech BH Engineering

Statech BH is a growing, full-service design company, established 2013, with an emphasis on Mechanical design and BIM consultancy. Our teams are passioned engineers, driven by the enthusiasm for challenges in constant battle for moving the limits beyond and far.

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Detail Drafting

Statech BH

2D Drafting Services

We have the expertise in preparing high quality 2D Mechanical Design drawings in CAD as per clients’ requirements. Our 2D Drafting services consist of preparation of setting plans, general arrangement drawings, various detail drawings and all kind of fabrication drawings. Experienced engineers at Statech BH use up-to-date computer software to produce detailed and accurate fabrication drawings. Our extensive experience with mechanical design and 2D Drafting, competitive rates and prompt delivery make us the right choice for all your drafting and design needs.

We provide Mechanical Design and 2D Drafting services at affordable rates. StatechBH mechanical design and drafting services are dedicated to quality, accuracy and dependability.