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Statech BH is a growing, full-service design company, established 2013, with an emphasis on Mechanical design and BIM consultancy. Our teams are passioned engineers, driven by the enthusiasm for challenges in constant battle for moving the limits beyond and far.

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Mechanical Engineering

Statech BH

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering design involves design of new mechanical products, assembly methods and processes, as well as modification of existing ones to improve them or adapt them for different requirements. Engineers perform calculations, analysis and use software for design activities.

We offer a variety of mechanical engineering design capabilities. Our R&D team follows projects from conceptual predesign phase to release of production drawings through process of iteration, finding the best solution for every stage of the design.

Design and analysis of various equipment

Whether you’re in the process of designing a product or need to investigate the possible failure of a various equipment, Statech BH can provide a detailed analysis that delivers unbiased results. We utilize engineering and scientific principles to evaluate the design and safety of products and equipment manufactured both for consumer use as well as in industrial applications. Machine design is defined as the use of imagination, scientific principles and engineering techniques to create a machine or structure economically, in order to satisfy the requirements of a customer.

We have the expertise in preparing high quality 2D mechanical design drawings as per clients’ requirements.

We provide 3D modelling solutions for any type of mechanical products & components in the industry.

Our team possesses knowledge and tools for strength calculations in Finite Element Analysis.

Core of our specialties are: